DMMM vettoriale

One of the most effective strategies that can be adopted to make successful cultural heritage exposi-tions consists in attracting the visitors’ attention and improving their enjoyment/engagement. A mid-airgesture-based Natural User Interface was designed, through the user-centric approach, for the naviga-tion of virtual tours in cultural heritage exhibitions. In detail, the proposed interface was developed to“visit” Murgia, a karst zone lying within Puglia, very famous for its fortified farms, dolines, sinkholes,and caves. Including an “immersive” gesture-based interface was demonstrated to improve the user’sexperience thus giving her/him the sensation of “exploring” in a seamless manner the wonderful andrather adventurous sites of Murgia. User tests aimed at comparing the implemented interface with aconventional mouse-controlled one confirmed the capability of the proposed interface to enhance theuser engagement/enjoyment and to make “more” natural/real, the virtual environment.