DMMM vettoriale

Virtual reality can become the preferred interface for architectural design review, but the effectiveness and usability of such systems is still an issue. We build a multidisciplinary team to implement a novel test methodology and system to compare VR with 2D interaction as the baseline, with a coherent test platform using Rhinoceros CAD as an industry standard. We designed and modeled similar CAD models and we implanted artificial errors, simulating common issues. Users were asked to find the errors. We used a novel mixed-methods approach using both objective and subjective data: CAD commands logs, ECG data, and usability and cybersickness questionnaires. We completed our test with 10 students form design and architecture faculty, with proven experience of the 2D version of the CAD. We found a significant difference in user behavior:and the preference was clearly towards VR. The findings of this work are scarcely documented in the literature and they may provide interesting insights for future VR architectural applications.

This research is in collaboration with:

Prof. Giuseppe Fallacara,  Dicar, Politecnico di Bari

Elisa Klose, Uni Kassel

Gabriele Sorrento, Mindesk