DMMM vettoriale

This research work in collaboration with the MAREA Museum of the sea of Gallipoli (Lecce). The objectives are the following:

  • Create an edutainment system allowing visitors to interact with  the specimens of flora and fauna in the seabed and to obtain detailed information
  • Simulate two virtual novel scenarios of the Mediterranean seabed, in collaboration with the staff and the experts of the museum
  • Acquire user interaction and behavior, especially for the new generations
  • The availability of an open and extendable platform for VR\AR learning


The benefits for the MAREA center will be multiple:

  • By using an edutainment approach, the system will increase the engagement, the educational impact, and consequently the number of visitors and their positive feedback.
  • By showing local sea flora and fauna and their behavior, it will provide a unique customer experience strengthening the identity of the museum;

In addition, being the system an open platform, it can be extended and used for academic research.

This project is funded by EU project Interreg Adrion, BLUE_BOOST "BOOSTing the innovation potential of the triple helix of Adriatic Ionian traditional and emerging BLUE growth sectors clusters through an open source/knowledge sharing and community based approach".

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