Augmented Reality Maintenance

DMMM vettoriale

The key aspect of augmented reality is the capability of integrating virtual information (text, images, animated or static 3D models, etc.) over the field of view of the operator, with the following advantages:

  • operations are shown at the right time in the right place
  • up to date manuals (using networks)
  • additional documentation available on-demand.

In particular, we developed an Augmented Reality application for supporting the execution of assembly/disassembly of complex machinery and the training of inexperienced operators. We experimented and compared different AR devices: head-mounted display, large screen, projectors, and smartphones\tablets. We optimized the visualization of text in AR for industrial contexts.

Our AR system was able to reduce error rates by 80% and execution time by 15% in maintenance operations. We tested also our system on the shop floor of our industrial partners, for better understanding and addressing practical problems in real conditions.